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One Person - One Boat







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Watch our introduction video to the Lean 'N' Steer powered kayak

Unique, patented stern design

US Patent 8,459,198 B2

Click on this area for information about our patented stern section that allows our boat to track and plane quickly and efficiently, resulting in a boat that easily achieves 40 mpg in normal use with 2 to 2.5 hp 4 stroke outboard motors.

Finally, a rigid, strong, lightweight, safe and stable

small powerboat that can be unloaded, set up quickly and easily

by one person.

Lightweight For Easy Cartopping

No Need For a Trailer, Boatramps, or HELP!!! Unloading Your Boat!

Specifically built to use most 2 HP Class Outboard motors

There are no proprietary inboard jet pump parts to worry about

Small Outboard Motors install quickly to get you on the water quickly.

Tough -- Built to last a lifetime

Built as a very tough powerboat, yet lighter than most recreational kayaks.


It can still be paddled like a recreational kayak.

(Very useful when you need the very shallow draft of a kayak.)

Efficient -- Over 40 mpg in average use using 4 stroke motors -- all

while cruising at higher speeds than most other small craft with very little wake.

Stable -- With a low center of gravity -- Not tippy like most canoes.

Decked, so there is protected storage within the cockpit, unlike canoes, Jon boats,

inflatables, and most folding craft.



Lean 'N' Steer

At Only 40 pounds

(Fitted Hull Weight)

This is the lightest production

Practical powerboat available.

Weight with 2 HP Honda


2.5 HP Suzuki

Four Stroke Outboard Engines

is ONLY 70 Pounds

Very Tough Boat, Light Weight

Typical 10.5 mph Top Speed with Honda 2 HP

Economical OVER 40 MPG at 8-9 MPH Cruise




* Light & Tough Epoxy Fiberglass Composite Hull

* Paddles as a Recreational Kayak - Built as a Powerboat

* Easy To Use -- Steers With Kayak Paddle or Leaning

* Very Stable, flat running, and fast on plane due to our special Patented Twin Tail hull design

* Easy To Load/Unload

* Under 5 Minutes From Cartop To Water (Hey, and that is if you take your time.)

* Efficient & Fast *40-50 MPG *Top Speeds 10-13MPH using small 2 hp class outboards

* Very Small Wake * Hands Free Cruise * Shallow Draft

* Can Use Most Any 2 HP class Gas or Electric Outboard

* NO Trailer! - Can Be carried on Nearly Any Roof Rack

* Comfortable Cockpit With Generous Storage Space

Quick Specs

10' 3" Long -- 28 1/2" Wide -- Cockpit Opening 42"x20"

40 Pounds FULLY FITTED with removeable seat, drains, drip rail, flotation and heavy duty composite motor mount

Motor Weight Capacity Rating 60 Pounds

Occupant/Cargo Combined Capacity (plus motor) 230 lbs

Tested General Top Speeds

2-2.5 hp w/7" pitch prop -- 9.8-10.7 MPH in short runs

(Capable of 11 - 13.8 mph in testing with a variety of 2 hp class motors on long full throttle runs.)

Cruise 7-9 MPH

$3000.00 FOB Grapevine, Texas

Complete with Seat, Motor Mount, Deck Fittings, Flotation, AquaBound MantaRay Paddle, Paddle Leash, Immersion Research Spray Skirt


Production Lean 'N' Steer Power Kayak shown above with motor tilted up and on small van


Early Production Boat at Left and Below


WHAT?! A POWERED KAYAK!!! Who Needs A Powered Kayak?

You May, And You Just Don’t Realize The Advantages. I Must Admit I Paddled For Over 30 Years And Was Against The Idea Myself.

FAQ ANSWER - Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions

But As I Found Myself One Day Paddling Against A Stiff 4-5 MPH Tidal Current And A 15 – 25 Knot Head Wind For Over a Mile, I realized That This Might Be a Good Idea. I Almost didn’t Make it back that Day! As I Searched For A Boat That Was Light Enough To Load And Launch Myself, Stable Enough To Feel Safe, And Efficient, I Found This Craft Simply Didn’t Exist. Having Designed A Kayak and Various High Impact, High Strength Epoxy Resin Systems, I Decided To Develop A Suitable Boat. After Nearly 2 Years Of Design, Development, And Testing I Think We Have The Best Truly Solo Craft For Transiting Mild To Moderate (up to 1 to 1 1/2 foot chop) Inland and Coastal Waters.

So Who Needs One?

Bird Watchers, Photographers, Nature Lovers, Fisherman, etc.

If You Want To Investigate Fairly Distant Areas Of Canals, Rivers, Lakes, Bayous, and Small Streams, A Kayak Or Canoe Can Cover Those Areas At A Speed Of About 2- 4 MPH, If You Paddle Constantly, You Would Cover A 10 Mile Trip In 4-5 Hours In A Wide Stable Boat, Such As A Recreational Kayak. A Narrow Touring Kayak Can Improve Upon That Speed, With A Lot Of Work, To A 4-4.5 MPH Average For A Fit Paddler. That is, Of Course, Without Pesky Currents To Slow You Down.

And That Is Without Stopping To Look At The Scenery, Or Stopping To Bird Watch, Fish, Or Photograph, ANYTHING.

And Now You’re Tired.

And The Swinging Paddle Blade Has Usually Scared Off Most Of The Animals You Would Have Liked To Look At.

(I’ve Worked As A Professional Wildlife Photographer For Several Years. ( ) Birds Are Particularly Disturbed By The Sight Of Swinging Paddles. I Always Had to Stop Paddling And Drift Long Before Reaching Within Range Of Any Birds That Were Not Accustomed To My Presence. Yet The Sound Of a Motor Rarely Bothers Birds In Places Where Motors Are Used.

If You Are Fishing, You Have Spent Most Of Your Time Getting There… Instead Of Fishing.

And If You Are Drift Fishing, You Have Drifted Downriver Where Someone Has To Pick You Up. Wouldn’t It Be Better To Be able To Launch The Boat By Yourself, And Motor Back Upstream AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT?

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